I am going to make some brood boxes this winter and decided to experiment with wood other than pine. I am going to make a few cedar, catalpa, and maybe sassafras boxes and seal them with exterior water base polyurethane to let the wood grains show.

The cedar I have is planed 3 sides and rough on one side. Since I have already had a problem with moths, I hope the cedar will help with that. I am building stands and bottoms out of the cedar and going to try a cedar cover. While observing bees landing on the hive, I noticed that slick surfaces cause them to lose their grip and slide off the box. I was thinking rough side out for everything to give them a good gripping surface. But it would look better smooth side out. What will they do with the rough side on the inside? Will I have more problems with bur comb and other stuff if I put the rough side in?