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    Default Apistan Strips in TBH

    Anyone used Apistan Strips in their top bar hive?

    I figured you could still hang them between your bars just like they would hang in a langstroth. Anyone used them before? If so, any problems & how did they work for you?

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    Default Re: Apistan Strips in TBH

    I know this is old, but I have the same question. My hive obviously has lots of varroa and the bees now have DWV. I ordered Apistan out of desperation, it was the only thing I could have delivered by Monday. Also, MQS are out of the question, as it get can easily go into the 90s here every day. Do I need a sticky board on the bottom of the hive to trap the mites? I have a solid bottom board. Do I hang the strips in between bars, just like a lang hive? Is it necessary to leave the strips in for the entire 6-8 weeks?

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    Default Re: Apistan Strips in TBH

    Apistan strips have not been effective for a decade. I have no idea why they still sell them. They will fit in your hive and work exactly as well as they do in a Langstroth, which in my experience, is not at all.
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