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    Default Candy boards(how to?)

    Anyone have good explanation or visual link as to how to properly make candy boards and the installation of them into a hive? I planned on making these as soon as I remove my buckets feeders of sugar syrup. Are the candy boards the better route to go or just granulated sugar (pros and cons of each)? I am wintering in 2 deeps, would I place the candy or sugar on top of both deeps(frames) or just the top deep?Thanks, juzzerbee

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    Default Re: Candy boards(how to?)

    There are two ways to make a candy board, at least to my mind:

    Make a shallow box with a bottom (2" works well, the bottom can be luan plywood nailed on) with a shallow entrance cut into the front edge. Make the candy, pour it in the box, and allow to solidify. Put it on the hive candy side down, making sure the entrance is clear of candy.

    The other method is to use 3/8" or 1/2" hardware cloth for the "bottom" and cut an entrance in the bottom edge or use an inner cover with an entrance cut in it under the outer cover. Pour the candy into the box while it's sitting on some aluminum foil and put it on the hive with the hardware cloth side down. That way chunks of sugar will not fall into the hive, the bees will eat the candy from the outside edges in (because that is were the condensation appears, making syrup).

    You can also just cast the candy into sheet pans and cut or break it into pieces that fit under an inner cover flipped over to leave the wide space underneath. Candy can sit right on the frames under the inner cover. Easier than pouring a board, but you have to make it thin enough to get a good seal between inner cover and top box.



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