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    Default First Cut out coming up.. Need some advice

    So I finally replied to one of the Craigslist bee removal adds, partly because I would like to integrate some feral stock (that aren't africanized of course) in the beeyard, and partly because the person was just down the street.

    I went over this evening to measure and take pictures of the hive. It is located in the back of a mobile home. The bees seem pretty docile, since I was able to measure around there hive, without even a guard be checking me out. About 80 " off the ground so a ladder will be needed and I plan on rigging up a Bushkill style vac system this weekend. I 've got some pictures here, I am just wondering where to start cutting and how high? The paneling seems to be some kind of composite with the top and bottom being aluminum. What tools should I bring on this trip?

    Thanks for any advice. This should be quite an experience.

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