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    Default Re: Theory About Upper Entrance in Winter

    P.S. From the Canadian Association of Professional Apiculturists:
    The best way to vent extra moisture from wintering colonies
    is with an upper entrance. This entrance is VERY IMPORTANT!
    A study from northern Alberta, for example, demonstrated that
    either a 1 x 1.5 cm top entrance built into the inner cover or a 2.5
    cm diameter hole in drilled into the middle of the upper brood box
    greatly increased colony strength, health and decreased the
    consumption of honey stores

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    Default Re: Theory About Upper Entrance in Winter

    I believe they are referring to a small upper entrance
    Ian Steppler >> Canadian Beekeeper's Blog

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    Default Re: Theory About Upper Entrance in Winter

    Quote Originally Posted by libhart View Post
    I also read the report about humidity affecting varroa and thought about ways to do this for about 3 minutes until I realized what 80%RH would do to hygroscopic honey at which point I stopped thinking about it.
    I thought of that too, however, we're talking about Winter/late spring here. All honey in the hive should be capped. You wouldn't want to do this with the honey supers on.

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