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    Default Assessing Dead Hives

    I was chatting to a lady today who said she'd kept bees a couple of years ago, but the hive died out over winter. When opened, bees were on the frames, but dead. I am no expert but assumed they starved, in spite of there being honey in the hive.

    She wants to use the equipment again...without having seen the hive I felt she could not be sure she did not have a disease that caused the crash and advised her to ditch the old stuff (there wasn't much and it was pretty beat up) and start fresh.

    But I did wonder do you all go about assessing a dead hive? Would be interested to hear how you evaluate what went wrong.


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    Default Re: Assessing Dead Hives

    When I open a hive and find the colony clustered between the frames, w/ thier heads in the empty cells I see that as starvation and use the equipment again. I will look through the frames to see if there is any brood to check for the possibility of AFB. That's about it.
    Mark Berninghausen


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