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    Default Potentially Huge Cutout in Old Garage

    I was approached by someone in San Antonio looking for some help removing a potentially huge hive in the wall of an old garage, which evidently has been there for years. The person is willing to help but has no equipment at all (suit, smoker, hive boxes, etc., etc.). He says he hasn't found any bee removal services available to help any time soon. I am willing to help but don't have the capacity to keep a potentially large number of bees not to mention all the comb. He doesn't want to kill them off, just do a rescue. Anyone know of any services that could help him out soon? Any advice is appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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    Default Re: Potentially Huge Cutout in Old Garage

    Try these guys:
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    Default Re: Potentially Huge Cutout in Old Garage

    Are you a bee keeper? do you have enough empty equipment to set up a hive(bottom board, hive bodies, top, frames etc.? Cut outs are a real rush and a great way to increase your colonies.We just did a huge one in the soffit of a house. We used a bee vac. I am sure if you want to try lots of us can offer ideas and support. One thought--Texas seems to have a lot of AHB- a lot more than here in Florida-be careful until you know the bees temperment.


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