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    Default Re: Beekeeping ethics and Social Context

    Quote Originally Posted by sqkcrk View Post
    Each group an underlying ethical code? I try not to generalize, though it may happen every now and then. I hesitate to say what a group will do, how a group will behave, what a groups ethics are. Individuals have ethics. As others have stated before, being responsible as a beekeeper, as a human, might aught to be an ethic to strive for.
    I would reply, but I need to check with the white male union to find the appropriate response to ensure that I'm in-line.

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    Default Re: Beekeeping ethics and Social Context

    I think someone else is the Steward of that Union, not me. So I hope you get back to us soon w/ your reply.

    And to all the nonwhite, nonmale, and GLBT beekeepers on beesource, you know where I stand. or is it sit?
    Mark Berninghausen

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    Default Re: Beekeeping ethics and Social Context

    I keep my bees because I like bees.
    Honey is primarily an unwanted byproduct; a delicious one.
    I don't sell it; I give it to friends.
    I have 4 hives in town and 4 just outside of town.
    I take good care of my bees; I won't drug them, but will use FGMO and/or essential oils.
    I find that drugs often have additional side effects, which can "ripple" well beyond their intended purpose.
    My bees are local survivor mutts; very docile with nice dispositions, unless they wake up on the wrong side of the comb.
    I think it's a symbiotic relationship, and they're free to leave.
    They aren't a commodity, and for the purposes of this discussion they are not livestock.
    They're my pets.

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