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    What's the minimum number of colonys a broker will deal with .and do you move the bees or they reason for I'm not on pallets. thanks in advance
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    I d like to know what costs and expences and loss expectancy and brokers names who take care of buisness care of bees and propt payment heard last thing is a biggie

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    no min. but there are logistical realities. you need to find a local almond grower or broker or beekeeper that has contrat to provide bees and need more that he has. This is a relationship industry, build them. You do not need to be on pallets many bees are placed without them , just have a method of delivery.

    David, cost from NC are shipping, unloading and disperment of hives onto locations, gathering up hives at end of pollination and loading to go to next home. Additionally if you need to manage the hives while in CA you can either take a trip to ca or pay someone localy to do it for you, ie. feed. regarding losses, just a reality of our industry they happen and no broker or other beekeeper will take responibility of of losses of your bees, that as the owner you get. If you are interested in sending bees to ca, feel free to contact me.
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