I finally inspected my hives this past weekend and found my former strong hive to be quite weak and my former weak hive to be very strong. The current good hive drew out 3/4 of an 8 frame medium in the last month or so. This is most likely a new queen in July as I saw an open queen cell and the color of the bees changed drastically. They were a yellowish mutt like and now are black black black. (Carni seems like?) Current bad hive is light on stores, drew half a frame of the 8 frame medium in the last month or so. I worry about them making the winter. They have 3 boxes, but not all are full. I saw a little bit of spotty capped brood and that is it. Not sure I can do much this late date.

I took 3 frames out of the strong hive and used my new maxant extactor (more on that later). The honey is so light. See http://s39.photobucket.com/albums/e1...Fall2012honey/ Is this pretty normal color for this time of year? Golden rod was in full bloom when they began to draw the comb so I thought it would be dark and stinky. Instead its very light and a slight amount of stinkiness.

Any ideas what they may have been working for this color?