This is my first year with bees. I have 4 hives...2) Italians started as packages in April, and 2) Russians started as Nucs in June...all of which are on stands side by side. The other week, during an inspection I decided to do a sugar roll on all hives. 1/2 cup of bees pulled from the brood area and left in the sugar for 5 minutes (I know...statistically wrong) and worst case was no more than 5 mites. All else within the hives looked good...low mite count...all is well. A couple of days later we were supposed to have a cold snap so I slid the IPM boards under the Russians for 2 days. When I pulled them out, one hive had a lot of mites. So I slid IPM boards under all four hives (no time to make them sticky) and left them for 3 days. The result was around 300 mites on 1) Italian and 1) Russian. Thats about twice the "Treat" amount. There were 6 or 7 mites on the other 2 hives. It seems strange to me that #1, there was such a huge difference between the hives and #2, the sugar roll was so inaccurate. What do you folks think? I will be treating the 2) infested hives w/ Formic Acid.