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    Default When should I stop feeding?

    Hey everyone! I have been raising bees for 3 years now but this is my first post. I live in Nashville, Tn and this summer was extremely hot and dry. I have two hives and feel that they don't have enough stores to get them through the winter. I've been using my top feeders to feed them 2:1 sugar syrup and they've been taking a gallon a day. How long should I keep this up? How do I know when they've had enough? It's going to get expensive if I keep this up!

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    Default Re: When should I stop feeding?

    A little more info would help. How many boxes of drawn comb do they have? How many frames does the cluster cover?

    Generally speaking they will store the 2 to 1 until they are plugged out if there are enough bees. But you don't want them to fill every frame with stores. They should have empty comb in the center so the bees can cluster in those cells. How much depends on how big the cluster is.

    You will need to stop feeding as the weather gets colder. Once it is cold the bees can't dry down the syrup. And at that time the excess moisture is not good inside the hive. You can give them dry sugar if they do not have enough stores. Search Mountain Camp here on the forums.

    I am a bit east of you and maybe at a higher elevation, and we stop feeding liquid by third week or so in Oct, depending on weather.

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    Default Re: When should I stop feeding?

    Welcome NB!
    Besides what rk said, they need as much food as brood. When they have as many frames of nectar/honey as brood you can stop. You think feeding is expensive, what is a dead hive worth?


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