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    Default Sticky board - great directions here!

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    Default Re: Sticky board - great directions here!

    thanks for posting!

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    from above:
    "Another important thing to know is which mites to count. Smaller, round and pale mites are males. Tan or lighter brown oval mites are immature females. Don't count any of these. The only mites you want to count are the very dark reddish brown (sometimes almost black) oval mites. These are the reproductively mature female mites. There may be lots of immature females on your board, especially if you have hygienic bees. Your efficient bees are ripping the pupal cappings off of parasitized brood and disposing of the immature mites. Good girls! Both Dr. Medhat Nasr and Dr. Marla Spivak have assured
    me that we count only the very darkest mites. "
    Серёжа, Sergey


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