I hate my jacket! It is some cooler than my Kelleys 25 pch cotton jacket. However, the zippers are a pain in the patuska! First you have to hope you can get the front of the jacket zipped because it has fuzz to interfere, a very stiff heavy duty zipper. Then flip up the hood, find the right side of the hood zipper, struggle to get it all the way around. Then find the left side of hood zipper bring it all the way around past the right side, all the while fighting the velcro fastener that keeps the bees out. Always light your smoker before donning the jacket because it's material will melt from heat. I really have no problem with the quality of the product, just the design.
Does anyone make a simple pullover design with the hood attached? I can inspect one hive in the time it takes me to don the PM jacket. I really don't think it is worth the effort for the small amount of breeze that you feel in the vented jacket. I would buy a vented slipover jacket but I'm fed up with zippers!!! Oh, and I have been stung thru the PM jacket, but never thru the cotton jacket, go figure. The design I like is @ www.kelleybees.com. Item #25pch.