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    Default Treatment free vs natural remedies?

    Hello, everyone in Treatment-Free forum. I am curious to know what you guys mean by treatment free. Do you not treat bees at all? Do you treat them with natural remedies? I am a first year beekeeper and the only treatment I have used so far is to add ProB health to sugar syrup.Do you guys consider ProB Health as medication or treatment free?? I would like to learn the most natural ways, non-chemical, to treat my hives. I understand bees are preparing themselves for winter now and I am thinking what i need to do, as far as medication (preferably natural medication) goes. If you could help me learn what you do for prepping hives for winter, that will be helpful. Thanks!

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    Default Re: Treatment free vs natural remedies?

    For your convenience, a definition of 'treatment-free' has been provided in this forum. If you wish to discuss treatments, how to treat, with what to treat, and non-chemical treatments, please direct your questions to the Diseases and Pests forum. If you wish to discuss keeping bees without using treatments, natural or otherwise, this is the place.


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