For the last couple years, I have been having a hard time keeping the wax moths out of my hives. I extracted my honey last Saturday. I had a few honey supers with wax moth damage and wax worms. The most severe frames were laid outside for the robber bees to have their way with. Some made it into the dumpster which was a robber bee heaven until the garbage man took them away. I extract directly into 5 gallon buckets with no filtering so there are some cappings in each bucket. I warm the honey to around 100 degrees and run it through a double nylon strainer that I bought from betterbee about ten years ago. It works well and keeps the "raw"ness of the honey. I opened one of the buckets yesterday to bottle and there were a lot of wax worms swimming in my honey. I thought they would die there. I skimmed off the cappings last night and this morning found a couple more swimmers. Needless to say, this grosses me out, severely. I am sure my customers would not be happy either.

I have two questions...
1, Will the double nylon strainer filter out any wax moth eggs?
2, is it possible eggs are hatching in my 5 gallon honey pails? some of the worms were very small.

Thanks for looking,
Tom in Michigan