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    Default Moving bees at night - should I open entrance at night or wait til morning?


    I have a top-bar trap-out I'm presently doing of which I plan on moving the bees back to my place in the late-evening to make sure all of them are inside.

    Should I take the cover off the entrance at night or wait until the morning?

    Well here's my dilemma.............I'm out-of-town working on a major project for several months and I can't craft a nice screen cover for the entrance
    and just tape it on, take the hive, then remove the screen in the morning. I may have to have my wife go pick them up and just place a strip of duct tape over the entrance (three small holes) and either leave them sealed-up overnight or have her take the tape off when she gets them home with it dark outside.

    My concern is that if she leaves an unventilated piece of duct tape on the entrance over night they could possibly get too hot or not enough air, etc.

    My concern with taking the tape off at night would be they'd be freaked-out from the move and go out into the night and not find their way home? I'm sure the bees would rather become familar with new surroundings during the day than the night.

    Any thoughts?





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