Posted here as there is more activity than in Diseases

I lost a hive last week. Here one day gone the next. After tearing it apart it was Grand Central NYC for V Mites. I had Apigard on it for a week but it must have gotten way ahead of me. Apigard on the other 7 hives and they "appear" to be strong. They have large quantities of very active bees, clean hives, and relatively clean bottom boards. I have 2 nucs that were cut down from weaker hives and I plan to winter them in the shop this year to see if I can keep them going til spring. Changed them to winter boxes and found 6-8 dead mites on the bottom. Nucs are 25 yds from other hives. Weather is now 15-25 in the AM and 50-60 in the afternoon. Questions: 1. Is there a low level of V Mites that hives can live with? 2. Nucs live with? 3. With weather cooling, queens laying less, and Apigard should I see what happens this winter? Have not had to deal with V Mites before and believe these hitched a ride with the nucs I bought this spring. All advice is appreciated. TIA