I am a new beekeeper and I am trying to get my hives ready for winter in Seattle. I am planning to feed syrup with Fumagilian B and place Api Life on the brood box. I have not seen mites on bees yet but I think it is better to be proactive than reactive. Is this what I need to do before winter comes? Are there any other medication I need to give?

Another question is - I am leaving honey for my bees this year and I was thinking to harvest whatever is left in the spring. But I realized that the honey may contain all these mediation in it. But in spring, I am supposed to medicate my bees... when do I get medication free honey? How do I know which honey is chemical free??? When I start to think about what I feed my bees, I am afraid to harvest honey.... Am I thinking too much or am I missing a critical step ? HELP!