I get more and more disillusioned with my Samsung Galaxy III. The physical handling of it is pathetically difficult. It will wash the dishes and fold your laundry but to make a phone call you have to make four motions. Even answering a call is hard. The buttons and touch screen are so sensitive that you 100 times a day get taken to the wrong screen or wrong place. I tried handing it to a person three times to take a picture once I had it ready, and with each handoff the screen went blank. We gave up. Yesterday my daughter who has an iphone took it from me in the car to use Telenav, and again each time she handled it the program closed down. I downloaded YELP who promptly used my contact list to propose numerous YELP friends to me. All this Google stuff is incredibly invasive of your privacy and raids your phone for your personal information. Google placed photos of my contacts on the Google contact list, and some of those folks don't even know how their photo got on the internet. SCARY