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    Exclamation Mite count? Using Mite Away quick strips - need advice

    Hi...I am posting here because not enough viewers are in the Pest and Treatment forum, and I really need some advice!

    About two weeks ago, I saw a few bees in front of my two hives with 'K' wings. They also seemed unable to fly. My first perception was tracheal mites. Someone said it could likely be due to Varroa, and that I should treat with Mite Away Quick Strips. I jumped on the bandwagon without first researching, and bought the chemical.

    After reading how to use this chemical, I am aware now that there is a mortality rate of bees that can occur with the use of this kind of treatment. The info states that when it is used, the hive must have 6 frames of bees or it could kill the entire hive. "Brood mortality may occur in the initial stage of treatment. Overall colony health is not expected to be affected, with brood rearing returning to normal by the end of treatment."

    Is early October in San Diego, CA too late? Would I have enough brood rearing after treatment? Could I destroy my hives? These hives are at least one full 10 frame deep with the second deep at least half full or more of honey.

    Am I making a wrong choice to treat with this chemical?

    After using grease patties and 'med dose level' of Pro Health in 2:1 (sugar to water) syrup for at least 1-2 weeks, I have not seen anymore 'k' winged bees or ones struggling to fly.

    Was my diagnoses likely correct? Should I use a Varroa mite count sticky board first to even see if I have a problem? I don't want to use this chemical and lose my whole hive. Anyone experienced with the MAQS?


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