First year with a Warre Hive. The hive started off in great shape, then I made an error! During the summer, the drought seemed to affect them, with the population dropping. There was a noticeable drop in the number of bees, and as the Goldenrod started to quit blooming I decided to feed them to help them through the upcoming winter. However, I left a top entrance open and installed a hive top feeder. I went out the other day and bees were swarming around like crazy. I was thinking it could have been a robbing incident. Ironically, before I got my bees I never saw any honey bees in this area on the mountain and now I am wondering If my hive may have swarmed without me noticing (6 kids, self employed, etc. etc.!) and the bees robbing the hive could have been my own bees!??!!

Anyway, now the population is way down. They have 2 boxes of comb. Anyway I can salvage this hive through the winter? Temperatures have now dropped so I don't want to open up the hive! Any advice???