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    Default Never gotten a honey crop!

    I live on the edge of a swamp...this year I had 8 hives but never had a full super of honey. The hives are healthy. Does this mean there is not enough food in the area for them? We're in the middle of a flow and I'm not seeing anything. I don't have fully drawn out supers--just some partial frames. We've had a lot of rain this year and my goal was building comb! Anyone else had this kind of problem? what did you do? Thanks!

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    Default Re: Never gotten a honey crop!

    If they're first year hives you very well may not get much honey depending on available resources and weather. I had several hives that didn't yield much first season but they sure made up for it the following year!

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    Default Re: Never gotten a honey crop!

    I rarely see honey crops from first year hives.

    And there are some years (like this one) where even established yards don't make surplus and need feeding to get up to winter weight.

    If you consistently are not making honey with healthy hives I'd start to wonder if there were too many hives for the available forage.

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    Default Re: Never gotten a honey crop!

    My parents have some hives near a swamp too, and they don't get a lot of honey either. They don't get zero, just not much more than a super per hive.

    If there's too little food in the area, I'd suggest reducing the number of hives to 3 or 4. With so few hives, I'm not sure it will help, but it'll reduce your workload and maybe the remaining bees will be able to collect a little more.

    I'd also start looking for somewhere else to put hives -- at least a couple miles away. Start with one or two and you'll have something to compare it to.

    Frankly, there are some bad spots for apiaries, and some swamps put out very little nectar.


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