I'm relatively new to beekeeping, running 20 hives and planning to double again this year. Here's what i noticed about pricing my honey this season. Starting the year i can maintain a reasonable price per lb of $6.00. As the size of the container gets bigger i only give a small discount on the money I'm saving from not having to use the equivalent amount of small jars. So after getting into some festivals this year to move some product i seen a few things. 1. It gets very competitive when multiple people are selling honey close to each other. I maintained my price and had little problem selling any of my honey. 2. As the container gets bigger lets say a gallon of honey, why do people give it such a heavy discount as bulk? When your selling a gallon of honey at 30$, that hardly has to cover any of your expenses for the year. 3. Its fun to watch people start at 8.00/lb and drop down to 3.00/lb just to try to sell some honey. But i guess it isnt all about the money and some people just want to unload as much of their honey as they can and be done with it in 1 or 2 festivals. I guess i see value in honey and figure that everyone in the area would kind of stay around a average price and not try to under cute each other. Who knows.