What do you think about this mite count, what is instore for me? I did a mite count on two of my hives and four nucs today. They were very low and I dont know what to make of it.
Hive 1 was a package that I bought this year and did two splits from it. Both times I gave the queen to the split. On a three day mite drop I counted 9 mites on the board, for a mite count of 3.
Hive 2 was a split I made from my hives this May with a purchased queen, and the count for a 3 day mite drop was zero.
I have 4 nucs that I started this year with queens from the split hives, and the 3 day mite drop on them was zero.
Im happy to have these mite counts, but I dont know what to expect next year. Could I get crushed by mites, or will they build up slow? If I keep breaking the brood cycle will they stay low? Can anyone give me a hint what to expect, I am clueless about mites.
Thanks Steve