So the wife and I set up a little honey stand inside a store that allows local people to sell local crafts and wares. We only had 19 bottles on the shelf and all the label said on it was 'Raw Wyoming Honey' from Moon Apiaries. After it was on the stand for 2-3 days a woman who also has products for sale in the store raised a big fit about it. Saying we need licenses, insurance, inspection certificates, and that the whole process would take up to 3 months. So in the interest of avoiding conflict and getting this lady whipped into a tizzy we went down and pulled all of our honey off the store shelves until we talked to the food and health inspector. When we were in there this woman was there at the same time and started giving me the riot act on how honey and dairy products were the two hardest products to sell as a small mom and pop operation. She sold goat milk soaps and lotions as well as some herbal tea's and other products. She told me the risk of botulism from honey required special licensing to sell it. I told her that it was impossible for honey to contain botulism due to it's anti-bacterial properties. As a matter of fact I told her, honey is actually used in bandages for burn victims and is currently being tested to treat MRSA as it has showed promise in treating antibiotic resistant strains of the infection. She about went through the roof raising her voice telling me it was illegal to sell anything making claims like that and that the FDA would basically seize everything I own and fine me 25,000 dollars for even mentioning something like that. I politely informed her that she didn't know what it was she was talking about and she definitely didn't know anything about honey but that we would be happy to speak with the health inspector before returning our product to the shelf. She seemed combative about the whole idea to say the least.

Just wanted to vent figured you guys could throw your two cents in on the whole deal.


Just as an after thought as I was re-reading this. She got upset and said the honey needed to be labeled as Raw honey. When we told her it was labeled as raw honey she got really upset and told us it was illegal for us to sell it as organic honey. I told her as nicely as possible there was no indication that we were selling or labeling our honey as organic or to pass it off as organic. She proceeded to tell me that unless it was certified as organic we needed to have the honey's expiration date posted on it. I tried to explain to her that honey didn't expire. In fact I told her that honey had been found in ancient Egyptian tombs that was 3,000 plus years old and was deemed to still be edible. She told me that was because that was real pure honey before insecticides and pesticides came onto the scene and now honey would expire after a few years due to the pesticides. I just gave up trying and figured the lady was batty.