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    Quote Originally Posted by Keith Jarrett View Post
    Mark, sept-oct is the sweet spot for sub feeding, if your just now thinking about it... well, "hope" is in order. good luck
    I hear ya Keith. I have a friend who often says you have to be thinking three months ahead of the bees. I haven't got the hang of that yet.

    100 to 125 lbs of pollen a year? That's amazing. Makes me wonder how many bees a colony produces in a year and how much honey a colony produces and eats in a year. I bet someone can tell me. Are all those numbers about the same, since it takes a frame of honey and a frame of pollen to produce a frame of bees? Or so I have heard.
    Mark Berninghausen

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    Default Re: Protien Patty Feeding

    HI Mark

    I like to drop some pollen sub on the hives right after honey/pollen flow stops, late summer early fall. I think it extends the brood season with some good clean protein. Then again very early in the spring it's nice to have some pollen sub on hand in case the weather is bad. You can use the pollen sub to help keep on schedule or even jump start the season by a week. You're not looking to make a big increase so I'd be pretty conservative.

    In some areas. Repeat, in some areas you can dump a bag of dry pollen in a barrel and the bees will rob it out effectively. If you are in one of those areas it is very quick, easy, and cheap to feed pollen sub.

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    we started putting on patties as soon as the supers were off. Most of the hives have had 2-3lbs at least by now. By the time we get done in California we will have had put 10-12lbs on the bees.
    Gulf Shores, AL

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