Why do we feed protien pattys? I do because somebody I know and respect does, but do I need to?

I want to be frugal and spend only what I have to in order to get hives thru the winter, in South Carolina, and to be able to split as many as I can in the Spring before taking them back North. Many of my hives are made up w/ a deep and a medium and the rest are doble deeps. The hives are quite strong rigt now and of good weight. I have all the honey supers off of them and they have had two mite treatments, a cpl yds got MAQS and the rest got Apigaurd, then after a cpl weeks, when the supers came off I treated w/ mite strips. I will be taking them to SC the later half of November. I want the queens to have a brood break.

In the Spring, March I will be taking 200 colonies to blueberry pollination in NC. I know I will need to feed syrup, because there is no nectar during the time they are in the blueberrys. I'm wondering what the quality of blueberry pollen is. Should I give them a protien patty too, at that time?

South Carolina pollen is pretty good for building up and the nectar flows in March and april can be pretty good, sufficiently so. So, the hives I don't take to NC should do alright nectar/honeywise.

I hope to take the 450 I have now, get them through the winter and bring home 600 or more. When they come back North they will go into apple orchards. Last Spring I treated for mites while cols were in the blueberrys and then I treated all of them when they went into the apples. Being pretty much isolated while in the blueberrys, not near any other hives, I don't feel the need to mite treat while there, but want to treat in the Spring.

So, I'm wondering what I really need to do to maximize effective expenditures. When to treat at the right time and spend as little as possible.

Sorry if that came out somewhat rambling.