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    Had a funny thing happen today was buying 40lbs of sugar to feed my bees.There was a sweet old lady checking me out and when I put all that sugar on the belt she looked at me and said.Have you gone to making likker I laughed and said no this was for my bees she said good that she knew that JT would tear my butt up if he knew I was making Likker.I'm almost 50 and people are still threatening to tell my Dad and get me wupped.

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    I go to Costco and buy about 50-25# bags of C&H at a time. All piled on the flat cart I get some strange looks. When they get brave enough to ask me what I am doing, I smile and tell them in an enthusiastic voice, "I am on the Hollywood Sugar Diet!"
    They have this blank stare for the longest time before I laugh. The older folks know what I am doing though and usually have a story to tell me about when they were younger their family had hives.


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