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    Default Is Hive Weight a good determining factor for enough winter stores?

    This is my first year of keeping bees. It has been fun so far.
    Today I weighed my hives, as I had heard that it was a way to measure their health in regard to wintering.
    All three of my hives have two deeps right now. I didn't take them completely apart, but the top deeps on all three seem pretty full of stored honey.
    The bottom deeps are much lighter. The lightest one was the one I had to requeen in mid September because the queen had died. It was swarm we caught in May.

    Within a pound or two, they measured as such.

    Top Deep: 70lbs.
    Bottom Deep: 35 lbs.

    Is this information alone enough to determine if I should feed them while it is still warm? We are in central CA (Manteca/Tracy area) and can probably look forward to at least a month before a freeze (possibly longer), with winter days often on the warm side.

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    Default Re: Is Hive Weight a good determining factor for enough winter stores?

    Weight is a good indicator. They seem adequately provisioned.
    The other way is to count frames. If they have as much brood as food, they are good.


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