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    Ive been around beekeeping my whole life i rember when my uncle and grand pa had the bright idea they were ganna rob a hive that was the neighbors and he passed and it was ozzing with honey. they lit up a stick with jean and news paper and i ant never laughed so hardin my life. They got the lid off and screeamed all the way to the barn they covered them up. I was looking.forward to learning more ganna try queen rearing and next instrumental insemi Mm tion and ive had the same itlians and never treated with any thing but crisco and sugar

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    Funny, My Mentor says his first contact with bees was his father when he was young. They found a swarm of bees in a bush near the ground, built a box and covered them up for the summer. In the fall, they dug a circle around the box and built a little fire and smoked/killed the bees out. 50 years later, he decided to build an apiary of his own. At age 88, he still maintains 5 hives and harvested almost 50 quarts of honey this year.

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    Welcome David!

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    Apricate it. And that hive was the deal breaker for my papa. ha. But both my uncles have bees but dont manage them just catch the swarms they have bees for and fill deadouts but dont rob them or manage them get 2 quarts from him and he sales the rest and makes a killing offem. Between both my uncles they got 12 hives and they buy every thing he needs. And there uppity stuck up genuses.


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