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    can you test pollen for genetically modified seed residue? (poisons) If so where and how to send samples? I have a two deep hive that was gang busters this Spring and produced about 50 lbs of honey which I harvested. This hive is now down to about 2 frames of bees and going down hill. I have requeened this summer when I thought the other queen's pattern was very spotty to say the least. I've feed sugar water and pollen patty with no response. At the time I couldn't see anything that would cause hive to dwindle like it has. Very few Varroa at that time and I treated for them with good results. I've since removed the top deep with all the pollen (8 frames of pollen with little honey mixed) and trying to feed again. I'm afraid it's too late but I'm going to try to save this hive. I have another hive right beside this one that is still going strong. Now to the seed thing.There has been several acres of soybeans planted within half mile of hives. Could this (seeds) cause the problems with this hive. thanks for all suggestions. Pembroke

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    Since you have another hive, right next to this one, it isn't likely that environmental toxins have severely damaged one, and not the other.

    Sometimes 'dink' hives are just 'dink' hives. Various management manipulations might snap them out of it, or maybe not.
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