A lot of you commented on a previous post that I started about getting bees from another person across the state. Yesterday afternoon, I drove four hours, met my friend and her family, and started working on loading up those bees. When I talked to the man that owned them, he said he got them in 98 and hasn't done anything with them since. He had a beesuit, and figuring that this could be interesting, I put it on. I smoked the hive but as soon as I popped the top of the hive the bees literally exploded out. I immediately got stung on my hand where some found access into my gloves. I retreated and figured I would just load them up. Turns out the other two "empty" hives the man said I could take were loaded up with bees as well. They were so aggressive, I told my friend to just sit in her truck until I loaded them up. I ended up getting seven stings with the last one hiding out in my truck cab and taking my shoulder about two hours into my drive home. If any of you got these bees, what would you do with them? The bees that I used to have were very docile and laid back, but these guys are angry. Should I just keep them and requeen next spring? The hives are two deeps and all of them except for the last one are full of honey. There was no brood which I could see, but the hives is super crowded, so I guess they are just honey bound. Burr comb is everywhere, and I know it will take a long time to get those frames out.