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    Default Couple of questions,

    I am in VT and am a little late in deciding whether to pull of a honey super or not. I am only going through this winter with one hive and want to feed the bees. The hive has 1 deep almost full of honey, they other probably about 1/3-1/2 full. There is one medium super on top that is mostly full of honey, but not all is capped yet. Should I pull that super anyway, or do the bees have enough honey with what's in the deeps? There is a late honey flow that happens about now here, but not sure if I should wait as I want to feed them and get them settled in for winter.

    The other question is what to do about a hive that I decided to pull the plug on because it was so weak about a month ago. The queen had died and the hive dwindled to nothing. I pulled the whole hive out of the field. The one deep that was there is empty of bees brood and honey, but does have a lot of pollen in the frames. Can I store the deep over winter as is? Will mold be a problem? How would you clean out the frames if you had to? Hate to scrape out all the wax, as I hope to get another nuc in the spring and put them into the hive that is already built out.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Default Re: Couple of questions,

    If you can store than empty hive where it will be cold, just protect from mice and you will be OK -- no wax moths after first frost.

    Be sure to get bees in it as soon as possible in the spring.

    Do check for rubbery scales on the bottom of the hive -- that would indicate European Foul brood, and I'd just scrape out the wax and burn it myself although it is possible to use terramycin treat for EFB.

    As for the medium full of honey, I'd just leave it there. Likely the bees will move it down, but if they have not by now, it's a bit late for messing about with it. If you think they are going to be short on stores, just put a candy board on top after it freezes and you will be fine. Even empty it will work out for them - if they run out of stores and need the candy board, they will be able to cluster nicely in the empty comb right under the candy board.


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    Default Re: Couple of questions,

    I don't live in you're climate but would assume 15 deep frames of honey in the hive is plenty. You might not need to feed, check with someone local.


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