I am in VT and am a little late in deciding whether to pull of a honey super or not. I am only going through this winter with one hive and want to feed the bees. The hive has 1 deep almost full of honey, they other probably about 1/3-1/2 full. There is one medium super on top that is mostly full of honey, but not all is capped yet. Should I pull that super anyway, or do the bees have enough honey with what's in the deeps? There is a late honey flow that happens about now here, but not sure if I should wait as I want to feed them and get them settled in for winter.

The other question is what to do about a hive that I decided to pull the plug on because it was so weak about a month ago. The queen had died and the hive dwindled to nothing. I pulled the whole hive out of the field. The one deep that was there is empty of bees brood and honey, but does have a lot of pollen in the frames. Can I store the deep over winter as is? Will mold be a problem? How would you clean out the frames if you had to? Hate to scrape out all the wax, as I hope to get another nuc in the spring and put them into the hive that is already built out.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.