Is anybody raising AB I think there ought to be a good discusion on these bees. I have surf the net about AB and I have found conflecting things about AB which say that you can kill the AB queen and instal a European honey bee queen and she will somewhat calm the hive down.
Right now there here Texas and other southeren states and it's just a matter of time they will be in your area and you will know when the bees start getting mean and chase you down the raod about a 1/2 a mile.
You ones that said to me I live in Texas around Houston and my bees are EHB ok so far your the lucky ones but its just a matter of time and you will be dealing with them
I'm just starting out bee keeping and I have two hives one in the wall of my shop and one in the eave of my house and I was ask how do I know there AB and not EHB well I can set out about 3 to 4 feet and not bother them just watch them and of course I have my bee suit on and stat attacking me for no reason at all and I have seen video on EHB and they even pick them up and with no bee suit.
Well anyway is anybody raising AB and if so # 1 do you have to mow with your bee suit on # 2 how far away should the AB hive be before they will not attack you. # 3 Has it been worth the hassil raising AB.