I was having problems feeding a weak hive in a TBH. The nearby Lang hive is very strong and was taking most of the feed (IMO). Being a newby my opinions about bees are suspect.
So I moved the TBH about 300 yards away and behind a screening stand of trees. Moved them at dark thinking, from watching the hive settle to no foragers returning, or leaving, that all bees were home for the evening. I had closed the entrance with a paper towel. That was Thursday. This morning I opened the entrance one inch and obstructed it with pine needles to, hopefully, cause the bees to reorient themselves to the new location. Early this afternoon I found robbing going on through the follower board in the rear of the hive. I plugged up all entry there (loose fit follower) holes except the front and the hive settled down. I went to the old site and there was a huge cloud of bees around and on the lang and swirling around the old TBH site. After a bit, at about 530 pm, I put a swarm box on a five gallon bucket with the entry about where the old TBH's entry had been. Whamo, the bees started filling that box.
Now I have made myself another problem. So, if I collect a bunch of Queenless foragers, what to do? At the moment I plan to give them a frame with eggs and larva after 24 hours. If they make a queen then all is well, if not? I will do something but what that will be I do not know now.
Any advice is very welcome. Harsh words about how I did all this won't hurt me at all and maybe I can learn from them.