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I'm using a truck now to move hives, but previously I used a Tractor Supply trailer towed behind my Geo Tracker with no problems. Apparently, from the previous posts, I've been fortunate since I have Acebird on permanent ignore and and am blissfully unaware of what I've been doing wrong and the dangers I've been risking.

I do like the idea of a longer trailer with hives permanently mounted in a bear-proof cage.

I might check into that ignore function soon just so I can stop beating my head on the wall!!

To keep on track with the thread, I also currently move hives with my truck but just see the ease of trailering my hives to different locations by a simple process of strap down, hook up and go!! And the most important thing, saving my back for other things like removing full supers!!LOL

I just like seeing everyones trailer designs and the ease of operation that can be had and it makes me wish I would have had a trailer sooner!!

Take care bud!!