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    Default A little robbing advice please

    For the past week I've been managing to keep this one 8 frame hive from being ransacked by the others. Put on a robber screen, reduced the top entrance to ~ 0.5", etc. no mite issues.
    Inspected it yesterday to clear out the dead bees and noticed very little brood/reserves but saw the queen (looking good). Placed two frames of brood/larvae/eggs/honey from one of our strongest hives thinking it may give them something to fire back up with.
    Upon initial observation I kept thinking "poor girls have been demoralized". Anything else I can do to help them out or should I just combine them for the winter?
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    Default Re: A little robbing advice please

    Screen the top entrance, you get the ventilation without the girls having another opening to defend. Only open the top entrance of the robbing screen, and don't be afraid to close it for a day.
    I also restrict the entrances of the big hives, cause a traffic jam and it cuts down on the size of the attacking force. Water sprinklers can help stop it as can a wet sheet placed over the hive.
    Under no circumstances do you feed a weak hive during the dearth.

    I've had really good luck with robbing screens, but you can't have robbing screens on lots of hives or the attackers get used to them. Don't know who much room you've got, in desperation, I've moved hives several hundred yards and I never leave nucs in the main yard anymore.
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    Default Re: A little robbing advice please

    If you have a yard a way from the big strong hives seems to work.

    Once they know there is a weak hive they will always trying to get in.
    It just make it hard to feed and get it to size.

    You can also try to build it up, just keep giving it a frame or two of capped brood every week. If you can keep the robbers off for that long.

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    Default Re: A little robbing advice please

    Just some question to ask yourself......... Why do you think robbing is occuring? Could it be lack of resources. Why not feed? Has robbing always been going on? Why just now? Yes....... "FEEDING IS TABOO" Your secrets safe with me.


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