I'm in upstate NY and I winter my hives with two deeps and one super full of honey (I'm conservative politically, too). So yesterday it's in the mid70s, but a cold front is on the way and I thought I would remove the queen excluders and the extra supers. But when I took off the hive cover I noticed that the bees were still hard at work drawing out and fixing new comb (I extracted recently) and I also noticed that bees were still heading into the hive with their little saddlebags full (probably golden rod). And the field behind me is still covered with clover blossoms.

So it seemed like there were alotta bees and they were still working.

My question is... is there any great drawback to leaving those supers on for awhile? I'm sure there will be some 50plus days in the future (it's supposed to drop tomorrow). I'm worried that these hard working bees may not know what to do if they are still finding pollen and there is no work left for them to do because I've taken off the empty hive space. I don't think I'm worried about them swarming, but they are bees and I wouldn't put it past them! I have noticed a few dead drones and I also noticed some bees doing their orienteering flights yesterday. I have also thought I could remove a couple frames from the full honey super, let them work on that in a now smaller hive because the other supers are gone, and then stick the honey back into the hive on some random warm day when I know the cluster is smaller.

This place is great -- thanks for your help!