I realize there is a very similar thread running right now but my question differs slightly... figured I would start a new one.

I'm confident I need to combine both of my hives. I made a split from a 1st year hive earlier this summer and both took off pretty well but they just seemed to fizzle out after they had such a good start. Not sure why, but either way it is what it is at this point.

Both hives only have about 12-11 total combs and until I just fed them about 5 gallons of syrup were basically empty on stores. So as of now they have most of their combs packed full of syrup, but again... there still isn't that many combs anway.

I figured I would just go ahead and combine both of them here in the next few days and then keep feeding them over the next month. I'll kill off one of the queens, but I'm not totally sure how to attempt the combine.

At this point I'm thinking of using newspaper to split them up like some describe doing in langs, but I was just wondering if anyone had any opinions or tips.