So feeding fondant has always bee a struggle. I am finishing my second year. Last winter I tried slipping it under the cluster. I saw the videos of Chandler scraping it into an old comb. I then had an idea when filling a feeder. My top bars are by no means touching each other anymore. They have filled them with propolis. Some to the point where there is a little channel where bees may move up, but never do. So this week I made some fondant and put it over the top bars where they had an opening between the top bars. I mad a couple more on other top bars and slapped down the fondant. Above that I put my insulation. Do you think I would need some sort of covering over the fondant so the bees don't have to struggle getting under the insulation? Even just a small tote cover may help. Either way...just thought I'd pass on my idea and I will check back next week to see how they did.