Hi everybody.

I recently came across this wonderful web site a couple of days ago.

I thought about keeping bees a few years ago, but at the time my hands were pretty full, as my wife and I were caring for my father, who had cancer and Alzheimer's. Sadly he died late last year.

Now I have dcided to take up the hobby. I have enrolled in a beginners course, which will take place next spring.

I obviously ant to know as much as I can before that .. there's no point in waiting. With books, the internet and some wonderful forums, there is so much to learn. And there's even Youtube too. I don't know how many clips I have watched on how to put a load of bees into a new hive. I think they were all from America, with a cage of bees being tipped into the centre of the hive. In the UK, the bees are usually sold already on 3 frames, so you have to be careful to get frames that fit your hive.

Anyway, I just want to say hi.

One more thing, if I am allowed. I am looking to set up my own website (a UK based one) and wondered if anybody would let me use a few photographs, surprisingly showing groups of bees. I don't need large images, just about 700pixels wide at most, just to add some 'eye candy' to my website.

I am not in a position to pay for the images, but would be willing to mention the photographers name, if that was requested. If anybody can assist, please send me a message.

Many thanks !