One of the inherent problems with BeeSource and other Internet forums is that people responding to posts have little hard information to go on. There are lots of posts by people who want to keep bees without using treatments that unfortunately are scared to open their hives and see what is in there.

It is good to know that you have thought about the potential consequences of being treatment free.

I have a state bee inspector coming here in about an hour to look over the yards here (two) - and while I will be interested to know the Nosema counts, I am much more interested if there are virus signs that I have missed. I make no pretense at knowing everything there is to know about bees and welcome additional (knowledgeable) eyes. I do hope the temp rises a bit in the next hour.

My yard without treatments was started this spring from packages from BeeWeaver. I have found them feisty on occasion - we'll see what the state inspector has to say. They look healthy enough to me but with insufficient stores to over winter successfully.