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Thread: weight of bees

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    Default weight of bees

    I am trying to determine how much all the hive components and bees weigh to determine how much honey is stored for winter. I have weighed all the components (I make all my own). Does anyone know about how much 10,000 (or whatever quantity) bees weigh? I am guessing I probably have about 30,000 to 40,000 bees in each hive now.

    Thanks, Jim

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    No, but I do know that a two story hive and cluster of bees, with no outer cover, and no honey stores, weighs about 70 pounds. I've weighed my hives every Fall for many years. The lightest two story hive I ever weighed was 70.

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    Mike have you ever weighed any mediums. If so, could you tell me how much they weigh. 2 and 3 stories, average low and high. Thanks
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