Any input on this placement would be appreciated.... This Spring I plan to place my first hives, 2 of them, in my wooded back yard. It is primarily mature Red Pine. The canopy is high and sparse so it lets a lot of dappled sunshine through. The site is on a hillside but is the best spot with natural windbreaks on the north and west sides. I'd move it just 30 feet to a flatter spot but it would be in view of the neighbors driveway. The neighbors house is over 100 yards away with enough cover so that the hives won't be obvious. However, me standing out there in a bee veil and puffing a smoker might draw a little attention. So the site on the slope offers a more natural blind. Finally, there are lot's of small ponds and other water sources around but the nearest one is probably the neighbors in ground pool. Can I offer a water source more tempting and satisfying to my bees than the neigbors pool? How much of a nuisance could they be at the pool?
Oh, and since pines and hardwoods (oak and maple) are going to be the nearest source of pollen, will that have much affect on the taste of the honey? The taste is really derived from nectars right? And nectar only comes from flowers?