I am a 1st year newbee and I am getting ready for my first wintering. I inspected over the weekend. The frames in my top deep have quite a lot of stores in them( a few complete frames and some partially filled) with some of the middle frames having an area left open for brood, from what I can assume. The bottom deep had some stores on a few frames around the top corners and sides. Most of the frames in the bottom though, were very open with empty cells. I stopped treating my hives with Apigard 1 week ago because my Queen stopped laying. Now there were some eggs back in the cells. I had been feeding them but now with the Queens laying again, I don't want limit area for egg laying.

Will she be laying most of the eggs in the bottom deep or the top deep at this time of the year?

And are the areas left open at this time in the top and bottom intended to be empty cells allowing that space to be the area for the cluster. Sorry for the long thinking here. Thanks, juzzerbee