First year beek here. Weather here has been cold, rainy, and windy so I have not been inside the hive in nearly 3 weeks. Not to mention their attitude has been horrible. I've been avoiding them a little. I'm seeing a handful of bees with deformed wings outside the hive. I did a 3 day mite count. The average was 26 per day. Quick history - This hive was new this year started with a package of bees. Foundationless. They were in two deeps and swarmed 8/3. The queen failed to return mated (lots of dragonflies here). On 8/29 a friend came with 2 frames of brood and a queen. He did a shake out, yada yada yada 10 days later I did a newspaper combine and all is well. Now I'm seeing a few bees with deformed wings.

So - I'm not going to treat them. My big question is about the equipment. If the colony dies from dwv or just doesn't winter, is the virus in the comb & woodenware?