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    Smile Hello From SE MI.

    Just joined and thought I might say hello to all and introduce myself as Wayne B. from North Oakland County Mi. My Wife Paula and myself are new to keeping Bees and are looking for all the info we can find and thought this would be a great forum to join and learn from.

    We have joined the SEMBA (Thanks Mike for pointing us to this forum) We hope to make this a enjoyable time, my wife is terrified of bees but I feel she is not thinking of Honey Bees.
    So again Hello and look to make some new friends and will help when I can to make this a better site when I can!

    My other hobbies are rasing and training German Shorthairs and Labs, as my screenname goes back to our love for ducks and upland bird hunting. We raise and train our own dogs, and I was formerly a Captain on the Great Lakes for sport fishing on Lakes Erie and Michigan for Walleye and Salmon for nearly 29 years.

    Thanks Again Wayne/Paula AKA Greenhead

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    Default Re: Hello From SE MI.

    I highly recommend SEMBA's beekeeping class, if you're not aware of it. A prerequisite is to attend SEMBA's spring conference in March. There were over 30 students (each with their own hive on site) in this year's summer long class, 5 instructors, and you have the opportunity to see what's going on in each of the hives. The class is on Sunday afternoons, and meets about every 3 weeks in Novi at MSU's Tollgate Center (a working farm). Sign up early for this class in 2013, if you're interested.

    It's a great place to learn how to get started. Lots of great ideas presented, they show many different ways of doing things. There was a top bar hive, several 8 frame medium hives, and the rest were standard 10 frame deeps, as well as some nucs. I figured it easily saved me 2-3 years of stupid mistakes I would have made on my own. Bryan

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    Default Re: Hello From SE MI.

    Welcome Wayne and Paula!


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