Hi all, first time poster, soon to be new beekeeper, please keep this in mind as you reed my plan for regression.

I'll be getting a nuc early next year and I want to get them on Mann Lake PF100 small cells. I'll leave out the "minor" details so this post won't run forever.

My plan is to block off the equivalent of two frames on one side and three frames on the other side of a 10 frame hive body then put the five frames from the nuc in the center. Over this I will put a HB with the PF100's and then a top feeder.

My hope is that the queen and workers will move up into the HB with PF100's and begin to draw comb and fill it with brood. After I've confirmed the queen has moved up and is laying I will put a queen excluder between the bottom and top HB's. After I've confirmed the brood in the lower HB has hatched out I'll remove it.

I know this plan might need some tweaking, but do yo think it's a plausible plan of action? Or am I asking for trouble?
My thinking is that it will be less stressful and less work for all involved.

Two questions, first, will workers stay in the lower HB to care for the brood?
Second, once the original nuc frames are empty of brood can I leave those frames out so they can clean them up?

Thanks for your input.